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digital literacy, proverbs, Acehnese society


The internet has entered all lines of human life. Anyone can give ideas, thoughts, even aggravation in the virtual public space. The problem; is the openness of internet services accompanied by the ability of digital literacy? Is there a conventional filter of our ancestral cultural heritage as a reference for the interaction in the cyber world? These questions will be answered in this study. How do the proverbs of the Acehnese become one of the conventional filters the interaction in the cyber world. This study aims to collect and classify the proverbs of the Acehnese that have relevance to the concept of digital literacy. The qualitative descriptive method is chosen because the existing data is described and discussed thoroughly. The book collection of Acehnese proverb compiled by Hasjim, M.K., et al. (1977) was used as the reference. The results showed that from the three components of digital literacy (Kaeophanuek, et al.), 33 Aceh proverb data discussed about information skills, 6 data related to the skills in digital tools usage, and 5 other data allude to the skills in digital transformation. The data show that the ability to search, explore, and analyze information (information skills) in the internet becomes a fundamental capability that must be considered, besides the ability to use the device's facilities and the ability to transform the information.

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nfn Rahmat, Balai Bahasa Aceh

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