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Myth, motif, dragon, symbol, folklore


Myth as a guide to human life in the past is often associated with religious rituals, belief systems, and origins of creation. Many myths come from the past and still survive today. Dragons are one animal that originated from a myth in the past. Oral traditions that gave birth to the treasures of folklore recognize dragons as mythical creatures with various forms and depictions. This research will look at the myths and motifs of dragons in folklore originating from Indonesia and various parts of the world. The representation of the dragon as a symbol can be seen from where the story of the dragon appears. To identify myths and motives that exist in oral traditions and world folklore theories are used regarding myths and classification of motifs according to Stith Thompson. The method used in this research is the study of literature. Analysis carried out about dragons as mythical creatures shows that portrayals of dragons in eastern and western cultures have significant differences. Dragons are depicted as destructive creatures in western culture, whereas in eastern cultures, dragons are seen as symbols of preservation and abundance. This is indicated by the dragon which is always associated with water as an embodiment of life symbols through the perspective of cultural life. The background about dragons which is based on a community belief system is seen through oral traditions that circulate in the community. 

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